World Suicide Prevention Day September 10

World Suicide Prevention Day


Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. Co-sponsored by The International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) and the World Health Organization (WHO), World Suicide Prevention Day happens every year on September 10th. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness around the globe that suicide can be prevented. This year, the World Suicide Prevention Day also marks WHO’s first global report on suicide prevention: “Preventing Suicide: A global imperative.”

Here are a few staggering facts:

  • Every 40 seconds someone commits suicide.
  • 90 percent or more of all people who die by suicide have a diagnosable psychiatric disorder at the time of their death.
  • Over 60 percent of all people who die by suicide suffer from major depression.
  • Suicide is the fifth leading causes of death among those aged 30-49 years in 2012 globally.
  • Suicide is the second leading cause of death in the 15-29 years age group in 2012 globally.
  • It is estimated that during 2012 for each adult who died of suicide there were over 20 others who made suicide attempts.

Warning Signs of Suicide

Here are some warning signs of suicide.

  • threatening to or talking about hurting or killing oneself.
  • looking for ways to kill oneself by seeking access to firearms, pills, or other means.
  • talking or writing about death, dying, or suicide, when these actions are out of the ordinary.
  • increased alcohol or drug use.
  • no reason for living; no sense of purpose in life.
  • anxiety, agitation, changes in sleep patterns.
  • feeling trapped like there’s no way out.
  • hopelessness.
  • withdrawal from friends, family, and society.
  • rage, uncontrolled anger, or revenge seeking.
  • acting reckless or engaging in risky activities, seemingly without thinking.
  • dramatic mood changes.

Light a Candle

Light a candle

In support of World Suicide Prevention Day, please wear the color yellow in any form to support the cause, and to support those who need help. As they say, suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary problem.

You can also Light a Candle near a Window at 8 PM to show your support for suicide prevention, to remember a lost loved one, and for the survivors of suicide. The lit candle represents the burning spark to be saved. For as long as there is hope, the fire will always burn.

As always, if you think you need help, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline on 1-800-273-8255.


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