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Eeyore Has Great Friends

Depression is not a Choice

Facebook Depression is a Real Thing

Here’s an interesting story about Facebook and depressive symptoms. Let’s Call it Facebook Depression The social media site, Facebook, can be an effective tool for connecting with new and old friends. However, some users may find themselves spending quite a bit of time viewing Facebook and may inevitably begin comparing what’s happening in their lives


You Are Not Alone in Your Depression

Knowing You are not Alone is a Valuable Thought I came across a pretty good article by Andrea Wachter entitled 7 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Was Battling Depression. Some of them are great on paper but hard to accomplish. My favorite is telling yourself you are not alone. Here are Andrea Wachter’s seven things. Don’t believe everything

Depression is Quiet

Depression is a Quiet Bastard I while ago I decided to take the bag off my battle with depression. It was a secret I no longer wanted to keep. I’ve battled depression, anxiety, OCD, and BiPolar 2 my whole life. I didn’t tell anyone mostly out of shame. Mental illness didn’t seem like a “real” disease. In

National Depression Screening Day

National Depression Screening Day Today is National Depression Screening Day. I know. And you thought it was just Leif Erikson Day. Oh hvor feil du er, min venn. National Depression Screening Day was started in 1991 to help people learn more about depression and provide screening and treatment referrals for anyone concerned about it. It’s a terrible disease fraught

Depression Myths We Need to Stop Believing

10 Depression Myths Mental illness is finally coming out of the shadows of shame and fear. There’s a lot of ignorance about the illness so the fact that more people are talking about it is wonderful. The Huffington Post ran a great article about Depression Myths. I think everyone who suffers from Depression should print

Dementors Depression

Dementors Depression Depression. The name describes it. Sort of like “what’s the color of an orange?” But I’ve had a lot of friends tell me they can’t imagine what having depression is like. That’s why I think we should rename the disease Dementors Depression. Foulest Creatures That Walk This Earth Dementors are those those crazy

The Bipolar Express

Yesterday I posted about my lifelong struggle with depression, anxiety and my Bipolar Express. Wait. Make that the Bipolar II Express. The reaction to that post was overwhelming. I had more hits on my website than I’ve ever had. Here’s what I learned: Depressive Disorders Affect Nearly Everyone The number of people who said they